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DBG Model Freeze-Drying Type Plugging & Filling Machine

This is the host of filling for blood made and biological products. It is mainly used in filling and plugging (half plugging or total plugging) for 2-10ml vials. It adopts a high precision adjustable stainless steel dosing pump which used the up to date carbonized technological treatment or glass piston pump and peristaltic pump, magnetic oscillator can deliver cap automatically and press gas plug, and if there is no bottle it will stop filling. It meets the requirement of GMP.
1.Capacity: 0-100, 180 bottles/min
2.Range of bottles: 2ml-20ml vials bottles (made to order)
3.Measuring precision: Meets state pharmacopoeia
4.Rate of plugging: ≥99%
5.Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
6.Total power: 1Kw
7.Overall size: 1200×1100×1500 (mm)