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GCS Modle Linera Type Liquid Filling Machine

The machine is applied in filling & capping such as plastic bottles and glass bottle, a host machine for liquid, syrup and living things. It is suitable to filling & plugging for 30-200ml bottles. It has the character of the compact structure and high efficiency by adopting a high precision adjustable stainless steel measuring pump with up to cushion filling and magnetic oscillator is automatic cap delivering, partial linear filling can be used for 200-500ml bottles. It meets the requirement of GMP.

1.Capacity: 0-60, 200 bottles/min
2.Range of bottles: 30-1000ml plastic bottles and glass of other specifications can be tailor-made
3.Measuring precision: Meets state pharmacopoeia
4.Rate of plugging: ≥99%
5.Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases with 4 line
6.Total power: 1Kw
7.Overall size: 1700×1250×1250 (mm)