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SGX Type Plastic Bottle Filling & Capping Machine

This machine is used to press the caps on plastic and glass bottle in the pharmaceutical system extensively, ect. It can deliver bottles automatically and the caps are also automatically fixed and rotated. It has small size, high efficiency and high quality in revolving cap.
The host uses the Japanese Mitsubishi frequency converter to adjust the speed, the planet type revolves the top covers, and the delivered bottle caps can be revolved after clipping tightly by pneumatics. Whole machine low voice, revolving steady, the capping cover does not loosen to move. Change some parts can produce many specification glasses or plastic bottle capping covers. This machine can be used singly or connected in production line. It meets the requirements of GMP.
1.Range of bottles: 60-150ml
2.Capacity: 50-100 bottles/min
3.Working heads: 8 heads
4.Total power: 1Kw
5.Power supply: 380v, 50Hz, 3 phases with 4 lines
6.Overall size: 2000×810×1620 (mm)