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FMZ Type Bottle-Washing And Sterilizing Machine

This machine meets the requirement of cGMP.it is suit for boiling and sterilizing the product which is after filling&outside of bottlesin oral –liquid production.
Delivered by cycle conveyer ,the bottles are washed by preheating spray-head, then stewing and sterilizing in the sink automatically (It is better to equipped with ultrasonic), It has high efficiency ,high washing quality and low percentage of damage. The bottles after sterilizing&drying,,the appearance is smooth,cleaning,in the surface,no water left,no mildew,easy to keep,and it is also easy to label strongly,this machine is the indispensable sterilizing& washing outside of bottles equipemnt in oral liquid,syrup production line.
1.Sutiable bottles:oral liquid bottles
2.Capacity:300-600 bottles/min
3.Speed of chain moving: 0—400mm/min(stepless timing)
4.Pressure of sparying: 0.2~0.35Mpa
5.Total power: 33kW
6.Power supply: 380V 50Hz 3-phase-5-wire system
7.Overalll size: 14900×2270×1550(mm)