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BGX-2 Type Whole-Automation Rubber-Stoppers,Alunium-Caps Washing Machine

This machine meets the requirement of “CGMP”,it specially applies to the washing,siliconizing ,steam disinfecting,vacuum drying pricesses of rubber stopper&aluminium-caps for powder injection,freeze drying, infusion and oral liquid in pharmaceutical industry.
The whole machine adopts PLC control,human-machine interface operation , main parts adopt low-carbon stainless steel material, main component parts and electronic components adopt imported product,it can stand over-pressure,over-temperature ultrasonic.And bear ,seals , gasket are all made by special material & patented technology products,so it has the feature of high quality,beautiful appearance.
The rubber stopper treatment of this product adopts advanced technological like;vacuum suction,steam disinfecting ,and vacuum drying,etc.Under the processes like automatic suction,powerfully spraying,low-speed rolling and super sonicwave,all the working procedure,i.e. fromwashing,siliconize,steam disifect,vacuum drying ,reheat by hot-wind and vacuum-pumping dey to aumatic discharge,are automatically completed in one machine by PLC program controller.The reist’s any medium switching processes and non cross contamination occurs,Meanwhile,this machine can dynamically display the running state of each process the play and directly understand the machine’s running state,automatical record each running parameters.
This machine adopt the structure of back-drawer,easy to maintenance,saving time& Labor,it has the feature of lowlabor strength,easy to operate,energy&power saving,high production efficiency and high quality of rubber stopper treatment.
1.Sutiable size:kinds of rubber-stoppers, aluminium-caps
2.Capacity :1-120 thousand pcs
3.Sterilizing temperature:120℃
4.Vacuum pressure:≤-0.095 Mpa
5.Total power:10kW
6.Power supply:380V,50Hz,3-phase and 5-wire system
7.Overall size: 3200×2000×2000mm(detail size according to the capacity )