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China's five types of packaging machinery

According to the information of the domestic packaging market, the main packaging machinery that has strong market demand is:

1. Corrugated cardboard, box (box), printing equipment

Corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes refer to packaging boxes, large cartons, fast food lunch boxes, disposable paper cups, paper mold packaging, etc. These products can be regarded as the leading boss in the packaging industry, and nearly 10,000 cartons (boxes) packaging factories nationwide. In the past years, the demand for corrugated cardboard, cartons (boxes) and printing complete sets of equipment in the domestic circulation field has been prosperous and in short supply. In addition to a large number of daily necessities in carton packaging, at present, motorcycles and bicycles are also widely used in carton packaging. In particular, fruits that are indispensable in daily life are also packaged in cartons. According to industry forecasts, vegetables will soon be heavily packed in cartons. With the further development of the economy, the speed of renewal and transformation of carton packaging enterprises will be accelerated, and various corrugated cardboard and carton (box) complete sets of five-layer, seven-layer, nine-layer and high-strength will be urgently needed.

2. pharmaceutical processing and packaging machinery

A variety of Chinese and Western medicine processing equipment, especially the important modern machinery and equipment processing is an important topic in today's industry, to solve the packaging problems of Chinese medicine slicing, tableting, injection, paste, powder, pills, and urgently need a variety of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, Solve the adaptability, matching and reliability of the products, especially the high-speed, automatic, multi-functional packaging machinery, and the corresponding supporting composite packaging materials.

3. convenient food production equipment

There are mainly convenient food processing equipment represented by instant noodles, convenient porridge, and production machinery such as dumplings and steamed buns, and the demand for their products is increasing. According to the domestic market survey, people's demand for convenience foods is: nutritional value, high-grade products and good taste. The processing of traditional foods and the market prospects for aged and baby food processing equipment are equally promising, and relevant companies should focus on development.

4. beer, beverage filling equipment

At present, there are more than 800 major breweries in the country and more than 2,000 major beverage factories. The beer filling machinery focuses on the development of a medium-sized filling equipment with an annual output of 50,000 tons, and a large-scale beer filling equipment with a moderate development of 100,000 tons/year. The industry has particularly emphasized the need to develop high-speed, low-loss, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic equipment. Beverage machinery should adapt to the development direction of “concentrating production of main agent and dispersing and filling beverage”. The beer and beverage technology and equipment are deployed on the development site.

5. Fruit and vegetable processing and fresh-keeping packaging equipment

For fruit and vegetable processing, preservation is an important trend in its development. There is an urgent need for fruit and vegetable grading technology and equipment, high-efficiency juice extraction technology and equipment, energy-saving enrichment technology and equipment, washed and selected fruits, frozen vegetables and Technology and equipment for dehydrated vegetables. The development of processing machinery that greatly reduces the loss of food materials such as fruits and vegetables, grain, meat (aquatic products), and eggs, especially packaging equipment, is currently equipped with air-conditioning, Co60 radiation technology and equipment.