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A glimpse of pharmaceutical packaging at home and abroad

1. New concept of packaging design of Chinese medicine

Pay attention to child safety (Bdby Safe); pay attention to humanity; double aluminum, aluminum plastic aluminum is on the rise.

2, suitable for blister packaging of patients with initial use

A foreign company recently designed a blister pack for first-time patients for an important customer. It is a blister that can hold 10 mg and 20 mg of product at the same time, with a patient information booklet and inserts.

3, saving sheet blister packaging machine

Recently, high-efficiency blister packaging has been innovated. Due to the rapid speed of heat sealing of the PS plate and the aluminum plastic, the problem of the edge of the bubble and the edge of the hood is solved. At the same time, the servo drive is used, the machine precision is good, there is no gap between the medicine plates, and the plate is saved by 10%~15%.

4. Injection bottle blister forming machine

The package molding and heat sealing are carried out on the same roller, and two different types of injection bottles can be packaged at the same time (the diameter of the injection bottle is up to 28 mm). Since the injection bottle does not have the problem of moisture resistance, in order to save costs, a special paper can be used instead of the aluminum foil and the PVC seal.

5. Blister packaging machine that automatically fills defective products

The blister packaging machine designed by Germany has adopted servo motor to control each station, avoiding the accumulation of error, greatly improving the precision and saving the packaging materials. Its randomly controlled online sample and unique refill bin design, once the product found to be damaged or empty is removed, the refill bin will automatically fall to the qualified product.

6. Energy-saving blister packaging machine

An aluminum/aluminum blister packaging machine from an Italian company uses a composite aluminum material to form a blister at room temperature and cold forming, which can effectively reduce energy consumption.

7. Packing machine with 600 blister packs per minute



8. 多列小袋包装机需求增长迅速


9. 带有吸盘和独特开盒装置的裝盒机


10. 药品检测越来越受到重视