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QDJ type full-automatic lamp inspecting machine

The machine imitate grasp bottle shaking typet of the human lamp inspection, by the high speed rotating mechanism, emergency stop and then by the
reverse technology so that it allows the liquid flow in bottle to be roll shape, change level blackout line area, accept the imaging processing system to
determine the correct folding, by automatic sorting system excluding foreign body bottle into the classified collection disc, meet the automatic light
inspection requirements.
This machine is suit for automatic detecting particle in ampoules, vials, oral liquid bottles in the pharmaceutical industry. Main technical parameters
Production capacity: 100-300 bottles/min
Rotary lamp inspection head number: 36
The false detection rate: 2% ± 0.5
Detection of foreign bodies: > 20-50 pm, adjustable
Bottle breakage rate: < 0.5%〇
Total power: 2.5kW
Overall size: 2200x2000x1450 (mm)