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MSH-B Hot-Wind Circulation Sterilizing Oven

This oven is used to dry and sterilize ampoules, vials and oral liquid bottles.
The machine including bottle touching parts, all made of stainless steel. The belt of import bottles from tunnel is adopted speed-adjusting inverter by Mitsubishi of Japanese. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen for display dynamically throughout the process and adopted advanced intelligent control device to record the temperature, easy operation.
The machine separates three areas such as pre-heat, high-temperature and cooling area which all adopted complete 100 stage laminar flow purifying device.
The machine also has ultrasonic waves device to clean the belt set and have temperature-inspecting mouth, tunnel cleaning mouth. It meets the requirement of GMP.
1.Range of bottles: 1-20ml ampoule bottles;
2-30ml vial bottles;
5-30ml oral liquid bottles.
2.Capacity: 0-500 bottles/min
3.Heating way: stainless steel heating tube; hot-wind circulation
4.The scope of temperature adjustment: 50-350℃
5.Total Power: 37Kw
6.Overall size: 4500×1600×2450(mm)